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Raising funds is vital for any charity to enable them to offer their valuable services and support the local community, and the Children’s Bereavement Centre and Beaumond House are no exception.

Both charities offer their services free of charge to those who need it and to raise the revenue required to deliver these services we organise lots of events, campaigns, and challenges.

Whether you are taking on a challenge and raising money yourself or sponsoring someone else to do something you are doing so much more than raising pounds and pence. You are changing lives.

On behalf of both charities a heartfelt thank you for your support and if you would like to find out any more abut the work we do and how you can support us please visit our website.


How your donations will help

Beaumond House

£2 could pay for Afternoon tea and cake for one patient
£8.70 can pay for one hour of bereavement support
£15 will pay for a day-therapy patient to have a home cooked three course lunch, nutritious snacks, teas and coffee during their day with us

£36 covers the cost of a Health Care Assistant to plan, coordinate and run our day-hospice activities

£100 could pay for 6 hours of inpatient care

£18,000 could pay for a Health Care Assistant to plan, coordinate and run our day-hospice activities

How we supported the local community during the year 2020 / 2021 (2019/2020).

Number of Newly Registered Patients and Carers

242 (374)

Day Therapy

1859 (1974) patient episodes supporting 121 (135) different patients.

In-Patient Care

992 (1180) nights of in-patient care, supporting 65 (86) patients with our rooms being occupied 63% 80% of the time.

Benefits Advise

46 274 sessions offered to 11 (136) patients, carers and those that have been bereaved.

Hospice at Home

4382 (4474) hours of hospice at home and telephone support to 236 (235) patients.

Bereavement Support

227 (210) episodes of bereavement support have been provided to patient’s carers and relatives.

Complementary Therapy

0 (206) sessions of complementary therapy have been offered to our patients.

General Support and Advice

24/7 helpline.

How your donations will help the

Children's Bereavement Centre

£6 could help fund a comfort bear which is given to all the children accessing support

£25 could pay for one play therapy session for a child

£50 could buy crafts and toys to help children express their grief

£100 could pay for memory books to help children remember someone who h died

£200 could pay for 8 sessions of one-to-one bereavement support for a child 

£10,000 could help fund our residential bereavement camp

Our Impact

  • 95% improved their confidence and self-esteem

  • 79% saw improvements at school and in their education

  • 39% improved their friendships

  • 70% saw improvements in their relationships with their family

  • 71% feel safer

  • 82% improved their feelings and behaviours

  • 100% of children and their families benefited in some way


Our Stats – April 2020 – March 2021 – our service remained available throughout the pandemic and lockdown


  • 781 children and families supported in the last year

  • More than 4600 sessions delivered through 1:1 sessions and support groups 2500 sessions

  • 85% experienced the death of a close family member

  • Over 50% experienced trauma due to sudden death, suicide, chronic illness, murder or road traffic accident

  • 34% experiencing trauma due to Cancer

  • 45% cases 0-10 years old, 46% cases 11-17 years old, 9% cases 18+